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>>HobbyKnob Farm is located in the mountains of western North Carolina in Weaverville. Our small herd of sheep is mostly for our personal enjoyment. Our farm has roaming chickens, llamas with cria, tractors and mowers and a noisy child so these sheep are exposed to many things.

We often have animals for sale who are not listed here. Call and ask for Elizabeth 828-645-5869.

Our Jacob Rams  

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Blue Ewe Expresso

dob 4/24/09
JSBA registered

sire: Springrock Shadrach
dam: Blue Ewe Eire

Our Jacob Rams  

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HobbyKnob Andy SOLD        
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JSBA registered 2 horn ram. Unrelated to all ewes but his mother so if he remains on the farm he will be used as the Jacob herdsire in the fall of 2009. He was used this year on a trial basis with Clementine and at a friends farm. I like his bloodlines. His fleece is more open and crimpy than Hosea's. At 2 his horns are starting to make the turn up. Halter trained. You can search for this pedigree at the JSBA website:http://www.jsba.org/search.html

Sire: Painted Rock Emmett
Dam: Barking Rock Angelina

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Cotswold Ram

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Mohegan FOR SALE

Mohegan is my Cotswold ram and is available for sale. As a yearling he was the Champion Ram in the Cotswold wool division at the NC Mountain State Fair. Cotswolds are the gentle giants and he is no exception. Halter trained and easy to manage. Critter Crossing, East Fork, Coara Hill lines.

Sire-Critter Crossing C/W04110
Dam-Critter Crossin C02738

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For more information on HobbyKnob sheep, please call or email:
Elizabeth Strub
14 White Bridge Road
Weaverville, North Carolina


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